Conservatory Roof Designs

Conservatory Roof Designs

There are many design options available when considering a conservatory. The fundamental design of a conservatory should begin from the roof, and then to the base. Ultraframe offer a full range of conservatory profiles and possible upgrades to their individual roofing systems. There are several conservatory roof designs, all of which are fabricated and pre-assembled in our factory prior to being delivered to our Ultraframe Trade conservatory roof customers.

There is huge variety of conservatory roofing colour options available, from standard white Golden Oak Rosewood Irish oak, Black, grey, Green and sage Green. Customers may also choose virtually any colour they can imagine with the Ultraframe Aluroof, simply by selecting the appropriate RAL colour.

Lean too Conservatory Birmingham

Lean too Conservatory

The Ultraframe Lean too Conservatory, also known as the Mediterranean sun room is the most simplistic of conservatory roofing designs, and has definite cost advantages in comparison to other conservatory roof designs.

The Lean to conservatory whilst having cost advantages should not be overlooked as “a cheap” conservatory, as there are many stunning designs that make the Lean too conservatory a truly stunning and modern addition to any home. Examples of this can be seen in the Ultraframe Veranda concept conservatories, and the low pitch roof designs.

Victorian Conservatory Birmingham

Victorian Conservatory

The Ultraframe Victorian Conservatory roof is undoubtedly one of the most popular conservatory roof designs. The elegant Victorian conservatory roof is beautifully reminiscent of the Victorian era and highlights the beauty of classic architecture in glass.

The Victorian conservatory roof is typically 3 or 5 facet, although larger span conservatories and bespoke conservatories can include more complex designs.

Edwardian Conservatory Birmingham

Edwardian Conservatory

The Ultraframe Edwardian conservatory roof is ideally suited to customers who require a larger flooring area and more freedom when choosing furnishings.

The Edwardian Conservatory roof offers stunning architecture and yet relatively simplistic installation compared to more complex roofing designs such as the Victorian. Further enhancements can be made with the addition of Tie bars and decorative internal cladding

Gable End Conservatory Birmingham

Gable End Conservatory

The Gable end Conservatory roof is typical of early conservatory roofing designs, typical of those found in country homes. The Gable end conservatory roof stands out amongst conservatory roofing designs and can feature sunburst designs or standard mullion designs to set off the front of your customers conservatory.

Hipped Roof Box Gutter Conservatory Birmingham

Hipped Roof Box Gutter Conservatory

The Ultraframe Hipped and double hipped conservatory roof incorporates an aluminium box gutter. These designs are ideally suited to customers wishing to add a conservatory to a single storey extension or bungalow. The aluminium box gutter forms an integral part of the conservatory roof structure.

The hipped roof is also ideal for customers wanting to take advantage of a wider garden and can be combined with virtually any conservatory roof design

P Shaped Conservatory Birmingham

P Shaped Conservatory

The Ultraframe P shaped conservatory roof offers various design options and can incorporate several conservatory roof designs, including the box gutter hipped designs.

The P shaped conservatory roof adds further style and elegance to any conservatory. The addition of Tie bars and decorative cladding only enhances the internal appearance of this classic design.

Bespoke Conservatory Birmingham

Bespoke Conservatory

As conservatory roofing technology has developed, so has the complexity of conservatory roofing designs. The a limitless options now available to customers who are considering a bespoke or more unique conservatory.

We can offer design assistance and advice on many bespoke conservatory roof designs. For more information please do not hesitate to call or email.

Livinroof Orangery Roof Birmingham

Livinroof Orangery Roof

The Ultraframe Orangery roof offers customers the best of both worlds by combining the classic glass architecture of the conservatory roof with the warm and security offered from an extension.

There are many standard designs available for customers considering an Ultraframe Orangery. Customers may also choose bespoke designs. We can give professional help and design advice for more bespoke designs