Cornice Conservatory Roof

Ultraframe Cornice Conservatory Roof

UCornice Conservatory Roof

The Ultraframe Cornice is the most recent addition in a long line new products from Ultraframe. In addition to other upgrades to the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roof, the purpose of the Ultraframe Cornice is to offer alternative upgrades to the standard roofing system.

The Cornice can be used on either the standard eaves beam or the heavy duty eaves beam and once assembled it adds a stunning elegance to the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roofing System.

The purpose of the Cornice is to shroud the existing Classic gutter, in effect concealing the ends of the glazing bars to give cleaner uninterrupted lines at the eaves. The Cornice may also be added to an existing, previously installed Classic Conservatory roof.

The Cornice is the Ultimate upgrade to the Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof, combining the style and robust engineering of the Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof

Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roof

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